Someone else caused your injuries, and you deserve to be made whole. We can help.

Between costly medical bills, missed paychecks, and your physical and emotional suffering, a personal injury can seriously jeopardize your physical, financial, and mental well-being.

Whether you’ve been hurt in a car, motorcycle, truck, or any other type of accident, Pazner Law can help you get justice and cash compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. The clock is ticking—consult an attorney now, for free.

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An accident can put your health, finances, and peace of mind in jeopardy. When someone else is responsible for your injuries through their own carelessness, you need aggressive and proactive legal counsel in your corner.

At Pazner Law, we’re guided by one professional commitment: helping Michigan accident victims recover the maximum cash compensation possible for the damages they incur after an accident.

It’s how our diligent and experienced personal injury attorneys have managed to recover millions for our clients to date—all while preserving the client-first ethos that you simply won’t find at the largest law firms.

When you need compensation after an accident, the transparent attorneys at Pazner Law guide your recovery process from A to Z. We also keep you informed and in-the-know every step of the way. You won’t have to wonder again about the status of your case.

Worried about the cost of working with an attorney? Don’t be. When you call Pazner, we get to work helping you secure the maximum possible compensation—and we don’t get paid unless you win. With the help of our capable and experienced attorneys, you can recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • And more
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Injured? We’ve
Got You Covered

You need to take aggressive action to defend your rights and recover financial compensation.

After an accident, you don’t want to deal with the stress and complications of the insurance claims process yourself. You want someone who knows what they’re doing to lead the way.

With more than $100 million recovered for our clients, Pazner Law can help you maximize your car accident compensation and get your life back.

What to Do After
an Accident


Medical Care

Your health is your first priority. Make sure to seek adequate medical care, even if you’re unsure about the extent of your injuries.


Report the

If possible, snap some pictures of the accident. If you or someone else has been injured, call 911. Then, make sure to locate the driver or other responsible party to exchange information. Once you’ve taken these steps, reach out to a police officer to file a report that includes all this information. This evidence can help support your claim later.


Pazner Law

After an accident, your insurance might only pay for so much. Are you sure you’re being fairly compensated? Your future is on the line—don’t leave anything to chance. When in doubt, Pazner Law can help.

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