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Were you in a Detroit car accident that resulted in devastating injuries and suffering? Reach out to a lawyer for help getting the compensation you’re due.

When you’re hit by another driver, or when you lose control of your vehicle, the damage can be devastating. You may be left with serious physical damages that require time and money to treat, and emotional damages too as you try to recover while fighting for compensation. You’re hurt and unable to work, your medical bills are piling up, and you’re unsure how to hold the at-fault party responsible for your car accident. Worse, you may be struggling to get the liable party to compensate you.

Getting over these troubles isn’t easy, but you’re not out of options. Most importantly, you never have to face the struggle alone. With the help of a skilled car accident lawyer on your side, you can focus your effort and energy on recovery while an experienced attorney advocates for you to the insurance company and in the courtroom.

When you need help moving forward from the accident, an attorney at Pazner Law is ready to help. We work hard to fight for the funds you deserve so you can get them into your hands faster, easier, and less stressful. When you partner with us, you can always trust that a dedicated Detroit car accident lawyer with the personal injury law firm of Pazner Law will fight for the compensation you deserve after a car accident.

Read on to learn from our experienced legal team the key facts you need to know about your car accident case and how one of our skilled lawyers will help you maximize your car accident settlement.

Detroit Car Crash

An Accident Law Firm That Protects Your Future

When you’re hurt in a car accident you didn’t cause, you need an aggressive legal strategy for your personal injury claim if you’re going to recover cash for the damages and losses you’ve suffered. That’s what our skilled legal team is here to deliver. We have extensive experience successfully securing large settlements for our car accident victim clients, and we’re ready to bring our skills and our honed strategies to the courtroom to deliver your best defense.

At Pazner Law, we’ll always fight for injury victims to receive the maximum possible compensation—it’s how we’ve recovered millions in economic and non-economic damages for our clients in the past. We devote our time to each client to ensure your case is comprehensive and best represents your interests and experience. Then, we advocate for you with insurance companies and judges in the courtroom to relentlessly pursue your highest settlement.

Worried about the cost of an attorney? We go to work after you call us and give your case our full attention, and we don’t get paid unless you do—you pay us nothing otherwise. You will not be required to pay us any money before or during your case, and you will only pay us a sum after you get the high settlement we deserve. Our priority is getting the money you deserve into your hands as fast as possible, and we accept no payment before that happens.

When you’ve got the experienced car accident lawyers of Pazner Law in your corner, you can get cash for the financial damages you’ve incurred and money you’ve lost in your accident, including the following types of damages:

  • Medical bills and fees
  • Lost wages and income
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Household services while you’re unable to take care of your home
  • Lost earning capacity

Additionally, we’ll fight for you to secure non-economic damages that reflect the challenging nature of the emotional damages you’ve incurred, such as compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional distress

The injuries and damages you suffer in an auto collision present a unique set of challenges in your life. Don’t let an insurance company assign a dollar value to your emotional suffering, or tell you that your injuries are worth less than they really are. Don’t settle for less than you deserve because insurance companies don’t take you seriously or lowball your offer. With a skilled attorney on your side, you can fight for what you deserve.

At Pazner Law, we strive to provide our clients with the full range of options available to them after a car accident so that they can make the correct decisions for their own financial futures and get the results they need. We’re here to offer support, knowledge, and legal guidance every step of the way, and we advocate for your best interests and fight for you to secure the highest settlement.

Important Factors for Car Accidents in Michigan

Who is Held Liable?

When you’re injured in a car accident in the Detroit area, determining fault is one of your first steps toward filing a lawsuit. When you know what caused your car accident, you can more easily identify the at-fault party and collect the relevant information. If you don’t know who the at-fault party is, you’ll have trouble suing and getting compensated for your injuries.

If you’re confused about who the at-fault party is, your personal injury attorney can help you navigate the circumstance and find the option that allows you to fairly pursue the financial compensation you’re owed after the accident.

Often, motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver error. Most people have cell phones, and those portable devices can make driving dangerous when drivers focus more on their smartphone screens than the road. Distracted drivers cause many crashes every year, and the driver may be held responsible.

Drivers can also be distracted due to substance use. Whether they’re driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, when a driver chooses to get behind the wheel knowing they have substances in their system, they’re driving in an impaired way. This dangerous influence can often lead to impaired drivers causing an accident. If you’re the victim of an accident caused by a driver under the influence, your lawyer can help you seek proper financial compensation.

What If the Driver Is On the Clock?

But they’re not always the responsible party. In some unique cases, even if the driver did injure you, they may have been on the road as part of their job. Truck or heavy equipment drivers may lead to your accident, and when this happens, there is a range of options your personal injury attorney can explore in order to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

In these cases, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against their employer. If you’re confused about how to navigate the litigation process and who you have grounds for a lawsuit against, your car accident lawyer is here to help.

Or say you were hurt in a rideshare accident. Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft classify drivers as independent contractors instead of employees in order to insulate themselves from responsibility and liability. However, if a rideshare driver is responsible for your accident, you can still file a claim to collect an insurance settlement that pays your bills.

Your personal injury attorney can help you understand how to best approach this situation to successfully fight for your highest settlement.

When Defects Cause Accidents

Sometimes, it’s not a fellow driver that’s responsible for your car accident. Your accident could be caused by dangerous road conditions, like poorly maintained roads or poorly marked street signs. Your accident may also be caused by improper road treatment during hazardous weather.

If you suffer a car accident because someone in charge of road maintenance has created an unsafe situation due to their lack of effort or attention to safety, they may be held liable for the damages you incur.

Your car accident can also be caused by faulty car parts. If your car parts are malfunctioning and you haven’t been informed of the danger, the company responsible for producing or selling dangerous parts may be held financially liable for your accident. A personal injury attorney can work with you on the unique details of your own case to determine who is held responsible.

How Long Do I Have to File My Car Accident Claim?

If you’ve been the victim of a Detroit car accident, it’s critical to file your personal injury claim as soon as possible. The car accident settlement process can stretch for months or even years, and the sooner you start, the faster you can expect to receive your money.

Being proactive about pursuing your car accident settlement also allows you to better fight for a higher settlement. That’s because you’re able to gather as much time-sensitive evidence as possible, like photographs and documentation of your car accident injuries or vehicle damage. This will make your case comprehensive and complete and make it even more compelling.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Michigan is three years, and this extends to car accident lawsuits. After that period, you can no longer pursue your car accident claim, even if the damages continue to impact your life and livelihood.

For example, if you’ve been in a car accident and sustained life-long, severely painful back troubles, but wait to file your claim, you’ll continue suffering for the rest of your life without proper injury compensation. Three years might sound like a lot, but it will go by quickly. You’ll want our attorneys to get started on your claim now, while evidence and witness testimony is still fresh.

At Pazner Law, our attorneys have the ability and the resources to vigorously and thoroughly investigate your claim for evidence—regardless of the circumstances. We tailor our approach and legal strategies to best suit the unique details of your case, then present compelling arguments to insurance companies and directly to the judge in order to best advocate for your financial compensation.

Behind every accident is an injury victim looking for justice from the negligent parties. We’re here to help you achieve it with skilled legal support and dedicated efforts to present your most powerful case.

The Insurance Process After a Detroit Car Accident

When you’re hurt in a car crash, your first option for recovery may be the benefits found in your insurance policy, including your personal injury protection (PIP). Your car insurance should cover many of the costs of a car accident, and your medical insurance may cover some of the costs of your injuries. But getting compensated after a Detroit car accident isn’t always so easy. Your insurer may fail to compensate you fairly, or they may refuse to compensate you at all, even in wrongful death cases.

That’s because insurance companies don’t always have your needs in mind. These are for-profit companies, and paying large settlements cuts into their profits. Because of this, they may try to pay as little as possible for your accident settlement.

Because insurance companies are focused on undervaluing your settlement, they can stretch out the settlement process and hope you will agree to a lower number to get it over with.

Insurance companies may also try to void your case entirely so they don’t have to compensate you with anything. To build an argument against you, they can scour your social media and attempt to find evidence that you’re not really suffering from pain or livelihood troubles. They may also twist your words and attempt to misrepresent what you’ve said to argue your case is not as severe as you claim and you don’t need high compensation.

Do I Need a Detroit Car Accident Attorney?

Technically, you’re not required to work with a personal injury lawyer, but if you choose not to, you’ll have to face the insurance company alone. This is difficult for anyone unfamiliar with how to best deal with insurers so they can’t twist your words or lowball you, and it’s even more challenging for individuals attempting to recover from a car accident.

Don’t set back your healing in order to deal with insurance companies as they try to lower your settlement value and get you to cave. Instead, work with a skilled personal injury attorney like one of ours and get the funds you deserve even faster.

When you work with a lawyer, they will handle all interactions for you, including any exchanges between insurance companies. This ensures that insurance companies have nothing to use against you or misrepresent you with. It also enables you to focus on your own healing and leave the litigation for your experienced attorney to handle.

Depending on the details of your case, your lawyer may fight for your future and funding with the insurance company through mediation, or they may bring it to court. Your lawyer can review the settlement on your behalf and help you maximize your settlement, even if this means taking your lawsuit to trial for a better verdict and more fair compensation.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney for Legal Advice

When you need help getting the compensation you deserve, turn to the experienced attorneys at Pazner Law. We’ve helped numerous clients get the compensation they deserved after their car accidents, and we’re here to help you do the same.

A serious car accident can devastate you and your family, making it difficult to overcome your injuries. You may face a long road ahead of costly treatments and may have medical bills piling up from hospital stays, ambulance rides, or medicine fees. You may also be unable to work due to your injuries, leaving you unable to afford your living expenses and medical bills.

This makes recovery even more difficult, especially without the funding you deserve from the party at fault for your injuries.

Worse, you may have trouble proving you weren’t at fault for the injuries and expenses you’ve suffered. You may struggle with unsympathetic insurance companies too focused on keeping their profits high to offer any compassion or fair compensation to you after your accident. The insurer may even attempt to discredit you and dismiss your car accident claim entirely. These details can make getting compensated feel impossible.

That’s why you need a skilled lawyer on your side, here to fight for the fair compensation you deserve after your car accident. At Pazner Law, your recovery is our top priority, and we’re eager to fight for your maximum settlement so that way you get the funds and the justice you deserve. We work hard to advocate for your best outcome, and you won’t owe us a dime until you’ve received your settlement.

The lawyers at Pazner Law are here to help you. We are prepared to deliver premium support at every stage of the litigation process and answer your questions so you feel secure and prepared throughout your settlement journey.

Your Detroit car accident attorney can get you started with a free consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your claim, what your lawsuit is worth, and how we can represent you in court. When you’re ready to start with a free consultation, give our lawyers a call at 313-822-2244, or fill out the online contact form below and someone from our office will be in touch as soon as possible.

Detroit Car Accident FAQ

Hurt in a Detroit car accident? You may have plenty of questions about the next steps you need to take following a crash. Below are some of our most common questions and answers, so you can see what we can offer before you reach out for the personalized aid we can provide.

Do I have to accept a settlement from the insurance company?

Throughout the personal injury claim process, you maintain full control of what you will accept or fight. If an insurance company provides a low number and you’d like to advocate for a higher sum, you’re entitled to do so. You do not have to accept a settlement from the insurance company, and your skilled personal injury attorney can help you explore your best options.

What if my insurance company refuses to settle fairly with me?

In some cases, your lawyer can fight for more fair compensation with the insurance company directly and reach an agreement you’re happy to accept. When this can’t happen, your personal injury lawyer can bring your car accident case to court and advocate for you in the courtroom as to why you deserve a higher settlement. Which option you pursue will be dependent on the guidance of your legal counsel and the specific circumstances surrounding your car accident.

I was in a car accident, but my injuries don’t feel severe enough to go to a hospital. Should I still go?

Even if the injuries you sustain following a car accident feel minor, it’s critical to go to a hospital anyway and get seen and treated by a trained medical professional. For personal injury claims, evidence is key. It’s not enough to simply complain that your shoulder hurts or your back aches following an accident. This lack of evidence won’t compel an insurance company or a judge to believe you and offer a higher settlement to reflect your suffering. You instead need formal medical documentation. Visiting a doctor immediately after your accident allows you to get checked out promptly and provides an official record of your injuries and complaints, which can be referenced throughout your case to present the most compelling argument.

I felt fine after the accident, but now I’m hurt. What happened?

You may find that an injury appears days or weeks after the accident occurs. These delayed injuries can still be caused by the accident itself, and if you choose not to get checked initially and the pain develops later, it can be harder to fight with. You may even be accused of lying by the insurance company if you bring up a new pain during the settlement process that you failed to mention or document from the beginning. To avoid this and give yourself the best case, visit a hospital to get the evidence and records you need to make your settlement claim as comprehensive as possible.

Do I have to gather my own evidence?

When you work with a trusted personal injury lawyer, you do not have to gather your own evidence. One of the clearest benefits offered by working with a car accident lawyer is that it allows you to focus your energy and effort on recovering instead of trying to balance the healing process with fighting for the funds you need. You can trust your car accident lawyer to gather all the evidence you need, from photos and videos of your injuries, the vehicle damages, and the site of the accident, as well as hospital and life expenses bills, hospital records, police documents, and any witness statements from individuals who watched it happen. Your lawyer will build it into your case and let you know if there’s any other information they need from you to develop your best strategy. Otherwise, you can count on your lawyer to fight for your future and advocate for the high settlement you deserve, and you can focus your own time and energy on feeling better.

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