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Detroit Car Accident FAQ

It is not uncommon for motorists to have hundreds of questions when involved in a car accident. Here we will answer the most frequently asked questions on car accidents, and hopefully, the next time you find yourself in a car incident, you will know what to do.

When you are in an accident, one or more things can happen. First, you can file for a car accident claim or a wrongful death claim. You can also find yourself in a position where you are the defendant accused of negligence. No matter the situation, you can rest assured that our lawyers will always ensure the best possible outcome for your case. 

Do I Need to Call the Police if I Am Involved in a Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, you must contact the police. You should let the police know about the accident, the location of the accident, and whether people are hurt. There are two main reasons why you should always contact the police:

  • It is a state requirement to have a police report to engage with an insurance company.
  • The police report will help when filing future claims.

When the police arrive at the scene, they will investigate to determine who was at fault based on the evidence available. The police report should have important information such as the date of the accident, a description of how the accident occurred, statements of witnesses, and the model and make of the vehicles involved in the accident.

I Was Told I Don’t Have an Auto Accident Case. Why Is This So?

This is not the first time that we have heard these complaints. Several auto accident victims have been turned away by lawyers who claim that they do not have an auto accident case. There are several reasons why you might have been turned away. However, we will only discuss the most important:

Changes to Michigan Auto Laws 

In 2004, the Michigan Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling known as Kreiner V. Fischer. According to the ruling, you are only liable for compensation if you could prove that your injury resulted in severe impairment of body function. The impairment must be objectively manifested and affect your ability to lead a normal life.

According to the ruling, the injury must affect a critical body function. Agreeable body functions include the hands, neck, and back. If you happen to break a pinky finger, this can be an essential body function, depending on whether you use the pinky finger as a source of livelihood. For example, it is an important body function if you are a violinist.

Not Every Lawyer Specializes in Car Accident Claims

Another reason lawyers might dismiss a case is because they lack the experience to handle complicated car accident claims. In simple terms, they simply do not have the technical expertise to gather evidence. For this reason, we always recommend that you only work with a qualified and experienced car accident attorney. 

I Was Seriously Hurt in a Car Accident. What Are My Rights?

If you are in a car accident that caused serious impairment of body function. It is within your right to sue for compensation. For your injuries to be regarded as a serious impairment of body function, they must meet the following requirements:

  • The injuries must be objectively manifested.
  • The injury must affect a body function of significant value.
  • The accident must affect your ability to lead a normal life.

To achieve a favorable outcome, we will collect evidence and consider several factors in your life. It is these factors we will use to prove liability. 

What Happens When We Start Working Together?

Immediately you give us a call, we will set up a meeting and discuss your case. We will then collect your medical records and obtain a police report. After that, we will approach the insurance company demanding compensation for your injuries.

If the insurance companies are unwilling to give you a reasonable amount, we will take the case to court. 

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Detroit car accident laws are complex laws that must be handled by a qualified car accident attorney. We have years of experience dealing with car accident claims, and if we work together, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. You can get in touch with our Pazner Law Office by dialing 313-822-2244 or via the contact form on the website.