Suing As a Passenger in a Car Accident

Suing As a Passenger in a Car Accident

When you’re riding as a passenger in a vehicle, the last thing you’re thinking about is the possibility of getting involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, not all drivers respect basic traffic laws or avoid distractions, and that can be dangerous or even deadly for a passenger. 

That’s why you shouldn’t forget that you also have rights as a passenger, and if you’re injured because of another driver’s negligent actions, you can pursue compensation. Speak with an accident lawyer at Pazner Law before proceeding, as you want to make sure that your settlement covers all your needs, including future medical fees. 

Who’s the Liable Party?

Identifying the liable party is the first important step in injury claims, even in ones filed by passengers. It allows you to request compensation from the individual that breached their duty of care. Remember, all drivers have a legal obligation to keep the roads safe, and a failure to do so means exhibiting negligence or willfully causing harm. 

Keep in mind that other drivers aren’t the only ones who can be held liable for your injuries. Manufacturers that produced defective car parts, government entities who failed to build safe roads, and other parties can also be held responsible for your injuries. 

Suing Multiple Drivers

Car accidents are unpredictable and influenced by a significant number of variables. In some cases, multiple parties may be partly responsible for your injuries. 

When suing multiple drivers, your compensation may be limited by their percentage of fault, which means you won’t be able to receive a settlement that includes all your damages from a single individual. Calculations in this scenario can be complicated, which is why it’s best to let an experienced attorney take care of them. 

Is Suing Worth It?

Legal procedures are difficult to deal with, and many victims prefer to avoid them as they’re already stressed by a car crash, but giving up your compensation would be unwise. You’ll have to pay out of your own pockets for current and future treatment including all medical bills, not to mention eventual repair costs if personal items were damaged after the impact. 

Filing a lawsuit while also juggling serious injuries isn’t easy, and it can lead to dire mistakes with your claim. That can leave you with little or no compensation for your suffering. With a lawyer on your side, you can rest, focus on your health, and let your lawyer handle the complex legal side of your claim. 

Contact a Car Accident Attorney As a Passenger 

Navigating the legal system by yourself, especially when you’re struggling with health issues and doctor’s appointments is unlikely to solve your problems. You have a significant chance of doing more harm than good, especially if you’re not able to quickly prove how your injuries are a direct result of a car accident. 

The lawyers at Pazner Law know what you’re going through as a victim of someone else’s negligent behavior, and will focus on providing a fair settlement in a timely manner. All you need to get started with a free consultation is a call 313-822-2244. You also have the option to fill out our contact form, so we can reach out to you as soon as possible.