Suing for an Uber Accident

Suing for an Uber Accident

This is an extremely confusing time for any rideshare accident victim. If you are involved in a wreck with an Uber driver, there are complexities that are tough to understand. This could be catastrophic if these complications impact your ability to receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Should you try suing for an Uber accident? The answers can be difficult to find, particularly while you’re still suffering the physical and emotional after-effects.

Why It’s So Difficult to Collect Damages After An Uber Accident

Drivers for ridesharing companies such as Uber or Lyft are independent contractors, not employees. This shields the company from lawsuits. That basically means that even if a driver is negligent, Uber is not responsible for your damages.

So when you file an Uber accident lawsuit, you might find yourself negotiating with the driver’s insurance company. This induces panic in many accident victims. Uber requires drivers to have personal insurance in addition to supplemental coverage that protects external drivers and the driver in case of an accident. 

For riders, there are three different layers of insurance coverage, depending on the stage of your interaction with Uber when the accident occurred:

  • The driver’s personal insurance policy, if the driver had the app turned off or wasn’t on call.
  • The driver’s liability insurance if they had the app on driver mode and no passengers were in the car.
  • Both liability and uninsured/underinsured coverage between the time you get in the car and are dropped off.

This will cover you for any physical injury or property damage that occurs during your ride. The policy maximum is $1 million per incident. To file an Uber lawsuit, you would file a claim for personal injury as you would with any car wreck. 

To be fair, rideshare companies are promoting rider safety. According to Uber News, the rideshare company has teamed up with Lyft and both companies are taking steps to ensure the safety of passengers. In 2019, Uber has also started sharing a safety report on its website.

Don’t Give Up. It’s Possible to Recover Your Losses

The legal process can be frustrating, so a lot of people decide to work with an experienced Uber accident lawyer. To maximize your chance of winning a fair settlement, choose an attorney with a thorough understanding of rideshare rules and regulations.

Success is possible if you are suing for an Uber accident. Many people just like you win settlements and are compensated for injuries and lost income, as well as pain and suffering in some cases. Find out what your options are by talking with a Michigan auto accident lawyer at Pazner Law. Call 313-822-2244 to reach our firm, or fill out our contact form.