What Are Punitive Damages

What Are Punitive Damages?

When you’ve been hurt by another person’s carelessness, your suffering may be devastating. Such damage calls for personal injury lawsuits. In the case that the damages were caused by more recklessness than typical negligence, the court may apply punitive damages to the defendant.

But how do you seek punitive damages, and what qualifies you for these damages? If you’re not sure, seek out the services of Pazner Law. We’re here to help you get all the compensation you’re due, not just what the at-fault party is willing to pay.

Importance of Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are given in some circumstances as an addition to actual damages, or damages awarded for financial and non-financial suffering. They’re meant to punish the defendant. They’re usually provided when the court finds the defendant’s actions to be much more harmful than normal negligence.

Punitive damages are awarded to make an example of the negligent party so that others deter from following the same behavior or doing similar misconduct. While punitive damages do not work to compensate the victim, they will still receive a monetary award. Punitive damages are awarded to punish the defendant.

In the case that punitive damages are awarded, the defendant must pay the amount of money that has been designated and give it to the victim or the one who brought the case to court.

Requirements for Punitive Damages

When seeking punitive damages, you may be unsure whether you’re qualified to receive them. Below are a few of the qualifications you’ll need to meet to receive punitive damages:

  •       A finding by the judge that defendant’s actions were intentional, spiteful or grossly negligent
  •       Determining whether similar cases have happened in the past and the defendant has not changed their conduct

Greater punitive damages can be given out if the non-economic harm is hard to calculate or the injuries are hard to detect and require continuous care. Similarly, if the defendant’s behavior is seen as exceptionally offensive, they can be awarded greater punitive damages.

Because these qualifications can be hard to determine without the right tools, you may need a personal injury lawyer on your side. Our Detroit injury lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you fight for the justice you deserve.

Seek Punitive Damages with a Lawyer’s Help

When you’ve suffered a serious injury, you need all the money you’re due for your injuries, which may include punitive damages. But how do you determine what you’re owed for your injuries? The lawyers at Pazner Law have the experience and the knowledge you need for your case.

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