How to Tell Your Lawyer Has Your Best Interests in Mind

If you or a loved one has suffered from a personal injury, you are already in a vulnerable place. You’ve been hurt, possibly required hospitalization, and rehabilitation for recovery, and may suffer from emotional distress from physical and financial pain. When choosing a lawyer to represent you, you need to make sure your best interests... Read More

Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Detroit

Driving is the primary mode of transportation in America, with the majority of adults having drivers licenses. Unfortunately, having a driver’s license does not guarantee that a driver will make smart decisions on the road. Like all metropolitan areas, Detroit, Michigan, is home to numerous car accidents every day. All but four of Michigan’s most... Read More

How Judges Can Impact Your Car Accident Claim

Personal injury cases that go to trial will use a jury to decide who wins the car accident claim case. They decide which side has the legal liability. They also determine the compensation that is deserved, as well.  However, there is also a judge involved in the process. They play a vital role in this... Read More

What to Do When You Think a Trucking Company Caused Your Wreck

Truck accidents are devastating and can leave you with serious injuries. A collision with a vehicle that’s significantly large and heavy can cause irreversible consequences, not to mention the additional damage caused by falling cargo. Paying out of your own pockets for a large amount of damages is just not feasible. Your next logical option... Read More

Who is Responsible When a Child Causes an Accident?

When you’re hurt in an accident, it’s already difficult to recover. But what if the at-fault party is just a child? If the person responsible for your accident is a minor, your case may be subject to different laws and regulations, which makes getting compensated more complex.  When a child causes an accident in the... Read More