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Michigan Negligence Laws

If you are in Michigan and have been involved in an accident that resulted in injuries, then you are most likely not only suffering from physical but financial damages as well. Medical care is expensive. The worse the injury, the greater your financial loss will be.

When someone causes severe losses like these, you may need help learning more about the negligence laws impacting your case. Reach out to an attorney to learn more about how these laws can impact the value and details of your claim.

Importance of Negligence Laws

Negligence law states that those who cause accidents with their carelessness may be held financially responsible for that carelessness. For example, if someone is texting while driving, they may be held liable for any injuries if they cause a car accident.

The main reason that negligence laws exist is to provide financial relief to people who have been the victims of negligence by another person or party. They exist so that others are aware of their duties to obey the law and abide by these duties.

Michigan law states that you can sue for negligence until three years after the accident. But as time goes by it might be more difficult to build your case. Our firm can help you act quickly and file your claim on time.

Comparative Negligence Laws in Michigan

In Michigan, negligence laws include comparative negligence statutes, which may impact your claim. When you have been injured and filed a personal injury claim, you need to prove more than the other party’s negligence. You’ll need to prove you weren’t negligent yourself, or at least less negligent than the other party.

For example, you may have been struck by a careless driver while on a walk. But the at-fault driver may claim you were crossing the street without looking. Your lawyer can help you prove you weren’t at fault, or were less at fault, and file a claim for your injuries.

Eligibility under Michigan Negligence Laws

But how do you know the other party was negligent and that you’re owed compensation for their carelessness? Here are some things that you must prove for eligibility, so you can get compensated:

  •     The defendant must have owed you a duty of care
  •     The defendant must have failed in some way to meet that duty
  •     If not for the defendant, you wouldn’t have been injured
  •     The defendant’s failure of their duty directly resulted in your injury
  •     You must have been hurt and suffered some kind of loss

Struggling to prove you’re eligible for a Detroit personal injury lawsuit? Reach out to an attorney for the guidance you need to prove the at-fault party was negligent. We’re here to represent you during this difficult time.

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When you’re harmed because someone was careless, their actions may have left you suffering for years after the accident. That makes your life more difficult, all because they were careless.

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